Sunday, 10 November 2013

Necklace Organisation

Hello my lovely friends and readers! It is so lovely to be back and I am so sorry for my absence last week, my kidlets really needed me and my heart was in another place so I had to take some time off and concentrate on other things but I am so happy to be back and writing again.

Hello to all new readers and followers too, I am so grateful to anyone who drops by Our Little Home I just wish I could have you all over for tea.

So today I wanted to share my necklace organisation. I have a beautiful hanger but I had my pretty things all over the place and they were all tangled so they were crying out for some love.

The first thing was I took everything down and out and organised it in groups of broken, small, big, going out and everyday.

Hung my hook up in the right spot.

And here it was, all organised neat and tidy and all under 15 minutes!!! Yes 15 minutes.

I love how I can now get things with it not being all tangled.

I have even tried to go that one step further and try and match the colors.

I am one happy wifey now with my necklaces all organised.

I not only love that but I also love that it took such a quick time to get it done, not every organising job take that long and the after effect is so rewarding. I love that I can now maintain it looking like this and it will stay like this now.

I hope that has brought some inspiration to you if your necklaces are in a need of some love.

Have a lovely and wonderful day my friends.

Tanya xo