Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cabinet Decorating

Happy Friday my friends and wow YIPPPEEE for the weekend! We have a busy one with some very special parties, Christening and Miss M has her ballet and singing concert so I am so excited!!

So this week we have seen a bit of rain here in Sydney and when it rains my little boy and I love to come home light some candles, paint , play and potter.

This week I wanted to tackle my cabinet. My tastes change from week to week and I wanted to try and put 'bigger things' in the cabinet and steer away from the 'small things'.
I wanted to make the space more friendly for dinnerware, napkins and serving dishes so that when we set the table it is right there and also it would clear space in the kitchen.

So here it is all decorated and I am so happy it.

My big bowls and plates as well as the side plates.

My tea pot tray, I love to pour a big pot of tea, relax and enjoy my home and have a chit chat to my hubby.

I love the pop of color the place mats give and the napkins and I love to have them here cause it means we use them.
I use to have this silly way of thinking that we would use it for special occasions and people and one day it dawned on me we are the most special people to each other and ever day is an occasion so now we use it every weekend and I LOVE it.

As you can see lots of color and polka dots!!!

And so thank you again to my friends and readers who stop by my blog every week. It means so much to me.

Have a happy and wonderful Friday and weekend! See you all on Monday.

Tanya xo