Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kitchen Month

Hello my blogger friends and I hope that everyone is well.
Firstly a huge thank you to all the friends who liked our facebook page. Our 50 likes give away was drawn and a lovely lucky lady won the prize.

So we have dedicated August to kitchens. As I have said before our kitchens are the hearts of our homes and we spend so much time here. It the first place we start our days making meals the last place we end our days with dinner or a cup of tea after our kiddies go to bed.

So I do believe that they not only need to be clean as we are cooking in there but also organised so that it makes our daily task in here go much smoother.

Now I know it does seem like a huge job to do but we have the whole of August to get this done and we can think of the end result and it makes it all worth it.

So where do we start? Lets talk about the different tasks we will do.

  • Organise the cupboards : pots, plates and bowls, serving bowls, cutlery, under the sink, tupperware, pantry, baking, breakfast, napkins and table cloths
  • How to clean our fridges and how often
  • How to clean our deep freezer and how often
  • Cleaning our dishwasher
  • Lets go green and throw away the bad chemicals
  • Meal planning and we can share our favorite recipes 
  • Lets try eat healthier and organic
  • And whatever we find along the way that we think needs to be organised
So what do we need for now to start this project.

We will need baskets, our label maker ( only if you want ) and I am going to use some washi tape to make things pretty.

Jars, jars and more jars!!! I use so many as it looks neater and less messy to fill them up with your food.

A little hand book, we can make lists of what we need and what goals we want to make for our kitchen.

So ladies what do you think? Can we do this?
Tomorrow I am going to start on our baking section... I hope that you will all join me and will enjoy doing this.

I would love for you to send me photos and I can add them on my blog to inspire all the readers,
any photos of your beautiful kitchens, anything you have organised, any recipes or just tips that you have found work for you and your family.
email them to :

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tanya xo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A few pretties from the Mountains

Hello Ladies!
So on our lovely weekend away weekend away we did a little bit of shopping and I found such pretty little knick knacks for Our Little Home.

Like I mentioned before the little shops in these towns are so lovely and you can not help but go in and buy stuff!!!
One shop in Leura was just beautiful and I could have stayed in there all day.

So here is what we came home with....

My favorite buy my EAT sign! I couldn't walk out the shops without this sign!!

And my dotty pot! I love the color and I love my dotty things so it fits perfect in our home.

The sign looks perfect here I think....

These cute mini jars were to cute and I knew they would lovely somewhere... 
Hubby had a great idea to even hang them on the deck.

And the little birdy! She looks to sweet on the little red table.

I was so excited to get home and unpack and put all my new pretties out!
New things make me so happy and it makes our new house feel more and more like home.

So from August( which is tomorrow where and how did that happen! ) we are going to talk about kitchens!!

Kitchens are the heart of our homes, its the place we all seem to end up standing and chatting!
Us mommies spend a lot of time in here cooking and preparing day to day meals,
so with that how organised are our kitchens? What do our cupboards look like inside?
Our fridges? How often do we clean them out?

Lets do this ladies and start to organise our kitchens! Yes it sounds like a lot of work but
we will dedicated the whole of August to our kitchens and by the time spring comes around
we will have them looking and feeling amazing!!

So we will see you tomorrow my friends!
Happy Wednesday :)

Tanya xo

Monday, 29 July 2013

Blue Mountains

Hello and a happy Tuesday to you all!!

We were blessed to have won a night away in the Blue Mountains this past weekend and we were sooo excited to head out of town for a bit.

Our little family LOVE the little country towns and I love the whole feeling you get when you visit them.
The people seem so much friendlier, no one is in a huge hurry and all the little shops just seem so much nicer than here( even tho they are the same!).
I have often said and thought how I would love to live here...

So this little trip was even more special as we got to stay in a nice little hotel and actually experience a Christmas in July!
It all started because it is so cold up in these mountains and snows and people wanted to have a cold Christmas.

The whole evening was wonderful, Christmas trees, food, decorations!! ( Hurry up December I want to put my tree up! ) Santa even came and handed out presents to all the children.
A big highlight too is we got to watch our Voice winner sing and grab a photo with him too! Very lucky!!

We went and visited the view of the Blue Mountains and the three sisters!
It is just breathtaking! And it makes us just realise what a beautiful world we live in!

Overall this trip was just the best weekend away for us!!!

Tanya xo

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gift Card organisation

Hello bloggers,

So today I wanted to share with you how I organise my cards.
I love to send my family and friends birthday, Easter and Christmas cards. I believe it is special and lets them know we are thinking of them, especially for me who lives away from all of my family.

So I make my cards for the birthdays for that month, put the stamps on and then pop in them in the post.

I enjoy making the cards when I can or I do at times may buy them too.
So here is a photo of how I organize my goodies.

For now I don't have a desk so I have organised it all in a way that it can be easily accessible.

So let me break it down for you.

So this is my folder, this carries all the cards and paper that I use to make my cards.

I have dividers boys, girls, paper and extra.

I buy a lot of different papers and ready made card packs and I add them to my folder.

And this is my ribbon basket!

If it is not on a reel I add it to my little jar.

My mini basket ( bought from Freedom ) carries all my glues, tapes and stationary.

You will see I LABEL everything... I love my label maker and I use it religiously to label anything I can.
My Dymo was a gift from my amazing hubby!! He know exactly what makes me happy!!!

And my favorite little mini drawers.
I have all my little card making goodies in here, again I have labeled the drawers.
I first taped washi tape then added my label to add a bit of prettiness to it.

This is washi tape! My new LOVE! 

The little pieces to make cards.

And more.....

So this is my card organisation and for me it works really well.

I hope that some of my ideas will you inspire you.

Have a lovely and happy day my blogger friends.

Tanya xo

Friday, 26 July 2013

Happy Happy Friday!!!

Hello lovely ladies and HAPPY FRIDAY!! It is a great feeling!!

This beautiful Sydney weather we are having is just lovely! It has made we want to be outside with my kiddies and enjoy the warm sun in the afternoons.
So while we were outside a few days ago I thought our deck needed some more color and so I thought
some hanging pot plants would look lovely.

So I got some beautiful pots and flowers from our local nursery and Mr N and I got busy.

 They were so easy to put together and I love the impact that it has made on the deck, I LOVE color.

We chose my kiddies favorite colors... orange for Mr N and purple for Miss M.
They love them just as much as me and they are so proud of their pots.

Another thing I love doing in our home in the later afternoons is light up our candles.
It makes the house feel so warm and smell so nice too.

This lovely candle I got from my lovely friend after her visit from our favorite shop Ikea!
Thanks again Mrs A :)

So lovely ladies I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend planned.

Please go on Facebook and find us at Our Little Home I would love for you to like my page!
Thank you in advance.

Tanya xo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lets Talk Burgers!!

Hello happy bloggers! A lovely day here in Sydney bit chilly so we are keeping warm.

So today I am going to share our burger recipe!! This all started when hubby and the kids didn't love the shop bought patties and I thought I would try my own! And they loved it so much I make them on all the time now.

It is so easy and simple to make and very delicious to eat.

So the ingredients to make the patty is :

500g Mince
1 Cup bread crumbs
1 Egg
1 Cup grated cheese or parmesan cheese
Salt , pepper and chopped up parsley for seasoning.
Oil for frying

Once you combine it all together you roll it into the patties. I usually make smaller ones but you can make the bigger ones if you want.

Have a frying pan with cooking oil. Once the oil is hot start frying your patties.

Don't have the heat to high as you do want to cook the inside.

And then you can start getting the burger together :)

I serve ours with wedges!! YUMMY!

And for my kiddies I add a little touch just to let them know how much I love them!!

Enjoy my blogger friends!!

Tanya xo