Friday, 26 July 2013

Happy Happy Friday!!!

Hello lovely ladies and HAPPY FRIDAY!! It is a great feeling!!

This beautiful Sydney weather we are having is just lovely! It has made we want to be outside with my kiddies and enjoy the warm sun in the afternoons.
So while we were outside a few days ago I thought our deck needed some more color and so I thought
some hanging pot plants would look lovely.

So I got some beautiful pots and flowers from our local nursery and Mr N and I got busy.

 They were so easy to put together and I love the impact that it has made on the deck, I LOVE color.

We chose my kiddies favorite colors... orange for Mr N and purple for Miss M.
They love them just as much as me and they are so proud of their pots.

Another thing I love doing in our home in the later afternoons is light up our candles.
It makes the house feel so warm and smell so nice too.

This lovely candle I got from my lovely friend after her visit from our favorite shop Ikea!
Thanks again Mrs A :)

So lovely ladies I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend planned.

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Thank you in advance.

Tanya xo