Friday, 19 July 2013

Wrapping a gift

Hello Ladies

Hope that everyone is well and having a wonderful weekend.
We have a busy one here at Our Little Home from swimming lessons birthday parties to a baby shower.

So I thought I would talk about wrapping.
I believe that beautiful wrapping is very special. Getting a gift is oh so lovely and when the person has gone threw extra care and time to wrap your gift it means even more.

A family friend of my hubby's is a perfect gift wrapper and she is an inspiration! So much thought goes into her wrapping and her gifts and she nails it every time!!
I have taken what she has done and tried so hard to be just as amazing.

It doesn't have to be hard even with just a bit of ribbon or some pretty paper.
Even like this gift I wrapped for a special friend of mine.

It is a brown bag and I added my own touch to it.
I have a jar of buttons and twine and I glued them on and made two holes and threaded the ribbon threw.
For something different I used some pretty paper instead of tissue paper ( and it matched the colour scheme I was going for.)

And then to finish it off I threaded ribbon threw my button and it was all wrapped up sealed with lots of love!!

A few tips I have picked up a long the way.

  1. Keep all your gifted bags and reuse them! I believe there is nothing wrong with reusing a bag( just make sure to take off all written tags to avoid embarrassing moment.)
  2. The same goes for tissue paper! Fold it up neat and tidy even it's it ripped you may use it for a smaller gift.
  3. And ribbon there are so many lovely ladies that wrap with beautiful ribbon and I love reusing it or even use it In the house for stuff.
  4. I keep an eye out for buttons and twines and anything that I might think I will use for wrapping and bags and cards and always check the dollar shops and goodies on sale in the art shops.
  5. Really think about who you are wrapping for and what you are wrapping for. I have wrapped gifts to the theme of the party. A baby shower I have put a favourite football teams singlet for a baby boy or even try and buy wrapping paper to match the theme or invite.
  6. Make bags and cards and tags.... It is so much fun very creative and it works out cheaper in so many ways as you buy bulk and you always have it handy when you need it.

Next week Saturday we will talk about cards! I send them to all of our family for their birthdays, Easter and Christmas!

Have a happy weekend lovely bloggers.

Tanya xo