Monday, 15 July 2013

Happy Tuesday

Hello Lovelies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
Sydney is having such beautiful weather we have been so blessed.
The sun is out and its so warm if you get comfy with a book and big cup of tea!

Today I actually had hoped to show you a new light in our kitchen but the electrician forgot about us so we will have to wait u till next week.

But that doesnt stop me from finding new projects.

I love having lots of colour in our house and I wanted to show you where and how we bring colour into our home.
Yes it can be cushions and our throws as well as furniture but we can bring it in in a few simple less expensive ways.

Fruit is a great way to bring in colour ;) We have a big fruit bowl on our island bench and I love that we have it in hands reach to grab a fruit.

Flower are always so lovely to have in our homes. They make me so happy and reminds me so much of my mom.
She always haf flowers in our home and I will carry on with this in our home.
These beautiful tulips have just opened and the colour is so eye catching.

We can even use our pretty goodies in our cupboards! Why not display them.
We all buy such beautiful things for our homes so lets put them in our glass cabinets
or stacked up in an area of your kitchen.

Colourful jars can keep utensils at arms reach of cooking but also add prettiness.

These are things I do at home that are inexpensive and easy and can be changed often        ( change is good I feel ).

I hope I have given someone a little bit of inspiraton for their homes.

Tomorrow we will be talking organisation in some of our drawers!

Tanya xo