Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Guest toilet

Happy Wednseday my blogger friends. I thought today I would show you our guest toilet.
We are very lucky to have one down stairs. The space is nice and big for a toilet so I was able to make it look pretty as well as useful.

I bought these beautiful lady and gentlemen sign for our bathroom door.
It's is from Mooza Designs and they have lovely colours and a variety of patterns.

We have a lovely big space and I wanted to make it look lovely inside but didn't want to not crowd the space.

I have had this gorgeous little stool that my brother found for me while on holiday, somebody was throwing it away!!! I love it so much. And I put a Ikea pot plant on top of it.
The hand towel is a brown target hand towel. I like to put a clean one in there everyday as we are drying our hands on it and it can't be dirty!

We have a nice cupboard under the sink and I have filled it with some goodies for guests.

So this cupboard is in progress and I am hoping to find a better storage system for in here but I am happy show you what we have for now.
ALWAYS make sure there is spare toilet paper!! There is nothing worse than not having paper for your guests.
I have also put tissues, hand cream, spray and some lady toiletries in the box.
So for now I am happy but again it is in progress.

A few tip for the cupboard. Keep just what you need, if you don't use it, need it or want it throw it. This makes for less junk in there and you only keeping the useful things.

Tanya xo