Sunday, 22 September 2013

A little boys dessert table!

Happy Weekend! and I do hope that you are all having a lovely one.
So what seems like yesterday but was actually 2 years ago my sweet gentle kind little boy turned one.
This party was the start of my love for doing parties. I really put my full heart into this party as my little boy is very special to me.

My theme well was just more a color theme, blue, red, green and yellow. I loved all these bright and happy colors together and it made me really happy as there was so many choices to choose from.

So here is the work that I did. This table always makes me smile cause I enjoyed this party so much.

The table has all the colors in it and it was so simple to do. The boxes are covered in paper to match the theme as is the hats, cupcakes, lollies, marshmallow pops and pop corn.

We had a little drinks table.

And we had this party is our little townhouse, somehow we fit in all of our guest a bit squashed but everyone was happy.

Hanging lanterns, easy but pretty.

A few games, pin the nose on the clown.

Inside we had the food, streamers and balloons.

And again my amazing baker friend did gorgeous cookies for my birthday boy and for the thank yous.

She used all the theme and colors and they looked gorgeous on the lolly table!
Thank you again my friend you are amazing!!!

I love doing this for my kids so I can't wait for their birthdays to roll around so I can do it all again.

Have a lovely and happy day my friends!!

Tanya xo