Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A little girls get together

Happy Wednesday to you all my lovely friends! And what a glorious day we are having here in Sydney.
The kids and I visited a mini market today, went on rides, ate delicious food, found some lovely South African biltong and just had a lovely morning out.

So on Sunday Miss M had a little get together with her three besties. She is the luckiest girl cause these three little girls are the best of the best and the four of them together are so close and are amazing friends.

So it was a mini birthday party slash play date.
I did a mini table and they had some craft and karaoke to enjoy for the few hours.

Here are a few photos of what the day we had planned for these four friends.

So we started out with some craft, some flower pot decorating and then some bracelets and necklaces. It was simple and easy things for the girls to enjoy and then also something they could enjoy at home.

We had the balloons full of prizes and the girls popped them and were suprised with a little present, another thing to add in the lolly bags.

I made a little lolly table for the girls to enjoy.

These were the thank you bags, I like to fill them up with things that I think the guests will enjoy.
This year inside we had lip gloss, hand cream, a one D bracelet and they can fill the lollies in the bag and the balloon prizes.

This was the little table, nothing fancy at all but Miss M enjoyed it and I love setting it all up.

A lovely drink dispenser and drink bottles. 

Some mini cup cakes.

And jelly in the mini jars! I love this idea and I will definitely do it again.

The lolly jars.

Inside was simple and easy, just the plates and cups and napkins for lunch. And again I used the pink hanging jars.

I had Martha Stewart pom poms in the garden.

And a little view from the top.

My Miss M had the best day and we are so blessed to have such lovely friends around us to celebrate these important days in our lives!

Thanks again to her three besties and we can't wait to do it again next year :)

Tanya xo