Sunday, 22 September 2013

Beach Bag

Happy Monday and happy spring holidays to all mommies and children on school holidays!
I have to admit I love the holidays, I love that there is no morning rush, no lunches to pack, no activities and most importantly I have my Miss M home and I love every second.

So now that this warmer weather has come I know we will be spending more time at the beach. We love heading down to the beach, swim in the sea, build sand castle, finding sea shells (our favorite) and eating lots of ice-cream.

I have a bag packed and ready to go every beach season so I know that when I head out half the work is already done.

So first I needed my trusty beach basket, I love this little basket I got it at a market a year ago and I absolutely love it!

Here is my little bag full of goodies I will always need.
  • The children's goggles
  • Baby wipes
  • Sunblock
  • A hair brush

 It is nice and handy in this bag and it can easily be wiped down and rinsed from sea sand.
We need our hats ALWAYS!

The beach is no fun without our beach toys, I kept ours in the original bag, I like it as I put them all in and rinse them under the tape and the sand runs out.

Beach towels.

Now we are all set to head out the 4 of us to enjoy some much needed sun and family time.

I like to leave it on the coat rack so it is easy to just grab when we head out.

There is a few other things that I will need that I can only pack on the day.
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Cover ups
  • Drinks
  • And lots of excitement! 
Happy Holidays my blogger friends and I wish you a lovely, fun and happy time away from school and quality family time!

Tanya xo