Thursday, 1 August 2013


Happy Friday! And big YAY for the weekend.

So I hope that everyone is getting excited to sort out our kitchens! I know a few people who have started their kitchen organisation and the photos of been great and I will be sharing them with you over the next couple of weeks. And again if any one you have some inspirational photos to share please send them all threw.

So lets get into our first task, baking.
I love to bake but there is a lot of stuff that comes with baking. So I find it much easier to have it organised and getting it in and out makes for the whole baking experience so much more fun.

So I have 3 sections for baking. One shelf of my pantry, one cupboard and a drawer.

This is our pantry, I have added all of my jars in here and the yummy things we need and add to our baking.

All the jars are labelled and some even have washi tape behind it to make it even more pretty.

To do something different I add my cup cake holders in a jar ( so lovely to see all the different colors and so easy to see what I have. )

The little pink baskets hold all the coloring and all the sprinkles.

The baking draw has all the cookie cutters and the spatulas. I have divided them in the baskets so I can find them and they look much prettier.

My cupboard holds all the baking trays, scales and wire racks.

The scales stay together.

I love how it is so easy to get to and how simple it is to choose what I need and everything is not falling out!!

I use my step stool as we have some high cupboards and I am a shorty ( as my mom would say ) so I need to have the step to make sure I can put all my things back neat and tidy.

Baking can so much fun, especially with the kids and now that it is so organised it makes it even better to get out our things and make yummy delicious goodies instead of buying them!!

So ladies I hope that you are able to take some time out of your busy days and get your baking goodies organised! Let me know how you all go.

Happy weekend! I will stop in tomorrow for crafty Saturday with a wrapping inspiration for a little boy.

Tanya xo