Sunday, 18 August 2013

The letter Z

Happy Monday!!

Sorry for no blog posts on the weekend, with my two sick kiddies blogging had to take a break for a weekend of cuddles, loves and trying to get my babies back to normal!

So this week we will finish off the kitchen!! YAY! I hope that you have found some inspiration and found time to organise your kitchens in a way that will be easier for you and your family.

Today we will take a step away from the kitchen and on to frames!!

We had a very empty wall on our house and we have been very careful to what we hang etc. as we wanted to put up things that we LOVE!
So this wall we have thought and thought and it came to my hubby and I one day while sitting outside on a bench and we got on to it right away!!!

We knew we wanted photos of our kiddies, but not to many. Three special ones that we adored and had meanings.

So here it is!

Why a Z people may ask, well it does have a meaning something my hubby actually said and it means a lot to me. This husband of mine is oh so special!!

I am not from Australia, 
I was born in Zimbabwe, moved to South Africa then to England and now to Australia.
So home for me me is a far way away and I do miss it so much. Every African will tell you that Africa is in our hearts and we will never leave it.

I often think of home and I look forward to the day I can take my children and show them what life I use to live, that seeing an elephant right in front of you is real! 
The beautiful hills, mountains, the sunsets, the friendly lovely people.
Where I went to school, my old homes, my family because I have no one here at all and that is very hard.

So yes this Z has so much meaning cause I look at it everyday and I remember where I came from, I think of all the happy times, I remember all the happy memories I have of all my family around the world.

And most importantly I look at these three photos, of my beautiful children and I think why these little angels chose me.
They are so kind, sweet and have the biggest hearts I have ever seen. Their love is beyond anything I can explain and they adore each other.

And I thank them everyday for choosing me as their mommy, cause I am blessed more than I know to have these two little people cause they keep me going on those sad hard days!

And this little saying is so true, there is no place like home. This is why I love to spend time with my family, keep it organised and clean cause this is where it all starts , our lives in our home.

Happy Monday to you all!!

Tanya xo