Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Under the sink

Happy Thursday my blogger friends and a happy day to you all!!
We had book week this week and my little fairy went as a witch today, she was so excited and so was I.
I love that I can do all of these fun things with my kids, it is nice to go to extra mile and make it even more fun for them. The whole school looked amazing and all the children went all out. Lots of fun.

So today I wanted to share what under our kitchen sink looks like. We are very lucky to have a dish washer so we use that all the time, but I still like to keep all of my washing things for the odd dishes handy.

These are my favorite kitchen cleaning products. The sponges and the cloths are all scratch free which I love.

And this is it under the sink. I love my little sink bucket.

I use my own homemade cleaning spray, I try and stay away from the chemicals as much as I can.

My gloves, cloth, sponges and my brush stay in here.

And our dishwash liquid is the earth friendly.

Just a simple and quick round up of under our sink. We don't have anything else under here just this, simple clean perfect!!!

Hope you all having a wonderful day

Tanya xo