Sunday, 25 August 2013

Menu Planning


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend! We celebrated our little nephews first birthday and my sister in law did a fantastic job!! It was a very fun day.

So today we are talking about menu planning. I find this works so well for our little family.
I sit and write down everything that we are going to eat for each day, I even try and make it look pretty with color so that I can get excited about the whole procedure as I love to shop but not for food as much.

 I like to look threw a few of my recipe books and get some inspirations for something different when I can.
I know it is hard when we have little kids and for working moms but it is nice to do it once and while, and it also helps us out for some ideas!!! Cause it is very hard to cook WHATEVER!

Use different colors pens for each day so you can really work out what is what when you write your shopping list. 
One big shop weekly I find saves me on time at the shops and also money. How much more things do we pick up when we just going for milk and bread???

I also write down recipes I get from family and friends and I often go back to them, especially my family favorites. 
This pretty book was a gift and I adore it, the bind is strong lots of paper and it looks so lovely too.

I hope that you all are able to start menu planning and you find it as easy as I do.
Do you have any tips for us all?

On another note, starting this blog has been so exciting for me and a HUGE thank you to everyone for your response. I am still trying to sort it all out, I know comments are not working etc. but it is all under construction if you can call it that.
I am sorry it does seem all a bit disorganised( which I do not like ) but I am hoping it all comes together soon.
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Thank you for your patience and your time to read my blog!!

Have a very happy happy day my friends!!

Tanya xo