Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lets Talk Burgers!!

Hello happy bloggers! A lovely day here in Sydney bit chilly so we are keeping warm.

So today I am going to share our burger recipe!! This all started when hubby and the kids didn't love the shop bought patties and I thought I would try my own! And they loved it so much I make them on all the time now.

It is so easy and simple to make and very delicious to eat.

So the ingredients to make the patty is :

500g Mince
1 Cup bread crumbs
1 Egg
1 Cup grated cheese or parmesan cheese
Salt , pepper and chopped up parsley for seasoning.
Oil for frying

Once you combine it all together you roll it into the patties. I usually make smaller ones but you can make the bigger ones if you want.

Have a frying pan with cooking oil. Once the oil is hot start frying your patties.

Don't have the heat to high as you do want to cook the inside.

And then you can start getting the burger together :)

I serve ours with wedges!! YUMMY!

And for my kiddies I add a little touch just to let them know how much I love them!!

Enjoy my blogger friends!!

Tanya xo