Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Friday Pics!

Hello and a very happy and wonderful Friday and first day of November.
Hope you all had a spooooky Halloween and everyone got lots of candy!

Today I wanted to share some happy pics from around this little home. I love to change things up, fill the vases up with fresh flowers, fill bowls with fruit and change things up, I feel that change is wonderful and it makes you so happy inside.

 Fresh flowers are a must, they brighten up your home and the gorgeous smell is wonderful.
A love heart when you first walk in let you know this little home is full of love.

Simple jar and some greens makes one area look so pretty.

Hello November 

Fruit is so pretty and colorful especially this time of year.

 Weekend is here so lots of pots of tea and special time with the family.

As well as yummy foods and family dinners.

So what are you looking forward to this weekend? 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tanya xo

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween gift ideas

Happy Wednesday my friends and I hope you are all having a fabulous day.
So tomorrow is Halloween and it seems to be growing here in Australia and I am really excited about it.
There are shops with loads of decorations and outfits, fun lollies and some streets are even having trick or treating!!! My kidlets have been invited by our lovely friends and they are so excited to be going.

So this year I wanted to share with you some treat bag ideas, they are simple and easy.

So I loved the mini plastic pumpkins and thought it would be great to use these and a few of the little Halloween goodies, rubbers, sweets and plastic eyes that stick to your face( I know who thinks of these crazy things??)

So just put them all in and add some orange twine and a perfect easy and simple little gift.

Another gift we are using this year is we baked some cupcakes and stuck in a Halloween pumpkin or bat,
we put in a glow in the dark creature, an eye or a rubber. I tight it all up in a mini plastic bag and I hope the kiddies will love them as much as I did make them.

Have a wonderful afternoon my friends either relaxing or getting ready for tomorrow.

Tanya xo

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our Garden Deck Reveal

Happy Monday my friends and Happy Halloween week to you all too. What are you Halloween plans?
I have some great fun things planned that I can't wait to share you.

But today I am going to share our Deck Area. It has taken me so long to really get this area right but I feel so happy with it now and we used it on the weekend and it felt great!

Here is our happy area. I didn't need to buy a lot for it, it just needed some color and attention really.

 The table is our first ever dining table and the one thing I have kept (and if you anyone who knows me I don't keep much).
But this table was so special to me, it was our first and it has such happy memories and Miss M's little pen marks on it so I had to keep it and happy I did as we can now reuse it.

The flowers on the side planter are my favorite and they add such happy colors to the area.

Some Ikea flowers and vases.

The whole area is alive with sun shine and gorgeous light. We even built our roof in a light color for this reason to keep our gorgeous deck and to keep the natural light flowing into the house.

The whole area is just perfect for us and we have enjoyed our dinners on here, a tray with a pot of tea in the afternoons and our kidlets love to lie on the bench and chat.

And the added touches of trees, cushions and love make this one of my favorite areas in our little home.

So do you have any areas you have done outside getting ready for the summer, outdoor eating and evening BBQ?
Please share with us so we can share the inspiration around.

Have a wonderful and happy week my friends.

Tanya xo

Thursday, 24 October 2013

A mini black board make over

Hello my friends and yay for Friday! I love Fridays the feeling of the weekend and all the great stuff, no school and work for hubby my heart is so happy on these days.

On Fridays at Our Little Home we get ready for the weekend ahead. I not only tidy the house extra clean so it is pretty for my family on the weekend I do our weekly shopping today.

But the past few days I have remembered things and I have to walk to the office to get a paper and pen to write things down and more often than not I get distracted and I forget to write it, so I had to make a plan.

Last year one of my gorgeous sister-in-laws gave me a chalk board, I had stuck butterfly stickers on it but wanted to freshen it up as it was going to be in our kitchen for lists and notes.

So I got out my supplies and just my creative side and started to decorate it.
Some washi tape, flowers, glue and buttons.

Here is is all made up, I love the color and I now I can't wait to use it.

I hung it up with a hook and my chalk in my little jar.

It looks perfect the color makes it even more exciting to write my notes on.

I am so happy now I can just jot anything down that we need and then I can add it to my weekly shopping list.

Happy weekend to you all my friends!

Tanya xo

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A quick 10 minute organisation

Hello my friends and followers and a very wonderful happy Thursday to you all.
So today I wanted to share a 10 minute organisation job that literally is so easy to do and you will feel so rewarded.

We all have 10 minutes to spare in our days, I honestly believe that our homes can look neat and tidy everyday if we keep up with the mess. A saying we have in this house when you take it our put it back and it works.

So here is a quick easy job for today. The bathroom cupboard. How much stuff can we keep putting in and just keep filling it up? Right? Old shampoos that we 'will' use? Creams and our men's things??

So today get it all out, wipe down the cupboards and throw out anything you don't use, need, want or has gone over the expiry date.

Here is our ensuite cupboard. We are blessed to have an ensuite and therefore more space to store all of our things but in our one bathroom home before I managed with this system too.

Here is hubbies shelf. I used blue baskets for him and it make it easier for me to wipe the shelves down. I do this one day a week so it always stays clean.

And my shelf. Again a basket and everything is organised and clean.

And here a full view, if you notice only things we use (only thing I don't love the pipes but what can you do?).

So here is a quick and fast job to get one more thing organised in your beautiful homes.

Thanks for stopping by and chat again tomorrow with another organising tip.

Tanya xo

Monday, 21 October 2013

My mini Office

Happy Tuesday my readers and friends and I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

So today I wanted to share with you my mini office. I never had one and I really needed this area for so many different things. My computer for blog work, to write letters and card and to make sure I had all the children's things organised together with a calender etc. on hand.

Our laundry is very big and there was a lot of wasted space in here that could be made useful.
So I searched for a little desk nothing huge at all as I didn't want to take away from the laundry space, the stool I had and I brought all my goodies together to create a very happy space to work.

And here it is. I could not be happier as it has really made my life less stressful and so much more organised!!!

I love how everything is now kept together and the Homework Caddy the post I shared wit you yesterday is right here for us to grab and use.

My little things that I will need are all stored in little jars, pencil holders and bottles.
The mini box I love and it holds all of my washi tape.

These photo are so special in to my heart. They are all the homes we have lived in as a family. The bottom one is our England home and our favorite only thing missing was our little boy but the happiest times in this house.

So this desk is my new love and if they family can't find me I am probably here typing writing or dreaming away.

I hope you have a wonderful afternoon my friends.

Tanya xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Homework Caddy

Happy Monday my friends and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
So now that school is back and homework is being sent home I needed a homework caddy for my little Miss M. We do homework at the kitchen bench or dining room table, I know we have two desk areas but this is where I am usually getting dinner ready and am able to help with anything she needs.
But getting pencils, glue and crayons all together can be a mission so ding ding my brain went and a homework caddy was born!

So I got a carrier that that would be easy for the kids to carry to where we are doing homework.

And got our supplies together.

And here it is our homework carrier, so easy and simple but very handy!!

The small things make your life so organised and this is one of them.

Have a wonderful week my friends.

Tanya xo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Simple easy frames but so pretty

Happy Friday my lovely readers and friends and thank you so much for dropping by the blog today.
What weekend plans do you have?

So a while back I showed you our Guest Toilet but I had always said it was a room in progress and I have done one more thing to make it look that extra bit welcoming.

I got some simple frames and added some art work and hung them up and I love it. It adds some color and makes me so happy that this room is looking so pretty.

 Sometimes it is the small things that make a huge difference and the frames are so cheap and paper or cards make wonderful artwork.

It is all starting to flow. We just need the cupboard to be updated and I will be really happy.

Happy Friday my friends and we will be back on Monday again. 
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Tanya xo

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Painted step stool

Hello lovelies and a happy Wednesday to you all.

So if you are a shorty like me then you need to get yourself this step stool from Ikea BEKVAM Step stool.
It is great and so handy even the kiddies use it when I cook and they want to help.

But I wanted to add some color to mine so a bit of paint and I LOVE IT! Color makes a huge difference and makes me so happy.

This Aqua shade is just such a pretty color.

So don't be afraid to take something you have at home and give it a good lick of paint, it can make all the difference.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tanya xo