Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring has arrived!!!


We are so happy to welcome the month of September, I get butterflies in my tummy knowing the warmer weather is here, beautiful flowers start to grow, the longer days, more fun outside, the little creatures that start to venture out, the beautiful butterflies the kids and I spot in our garden and the lovely summer clothes we can start to wear!

This year I have set myself a few little goals for this warmer time and I hope to enjoy every second of it while it is here.

More time at the beach with my children, enjoying the water and good quality time with my kiddies especially before my little boy before he heads off to preschool next year.

Enjoy more market shopping looking for delicious organics foods, fruits and vegetables and live a healthier lifestyle.

These are my summer loves so far!! I love my stripes LOVE them, pretty necklaces and bracelets in lovely colors and junky materials.
My summer shoes, nothing like just slipping them on your bare feet, no socks.
My light weight scarfs to throw on the early morning school runs, colorful colors make me happy.

 Fun nail polishes now summer in here our toes need to be pretty too.
Overall welcome spring I do LOVE you!
I hope you are all as excited as me!

What are you looking forward to most this spring and summer time?

Have a lovely and happy spring day my blogger friends!

Tanya xo