Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday! my lovelies and hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful day.
So today I wanted to share with you my love for the color green. I have looked around my home and realised I have it all over. I think I love it so much as I really believe it is such a happy color.

So here is a few pictures of this color around this little home.

In the little pot plants around the garden.

And in our lounge room couch.  

In our kitchen we have lots of different greens popping around.

This little jar I have had for years, it was actually for biscuits but I put my utensils inside.

And my tin pot plant on my kitchen window, I love fresh flowers and herbs all over my kitchen.

Our entrance has green. I adore my little rug I bought from an online shopping website.

In my weekly flowers there is always green.

On top of our television cabinet. I adore the frame with just paper I bought and added into it. It is so simple and easy and I change it all the time.

So blogger friends I do love the color green!! 
What is your favorite color and why? Do you have it in your homes?

Have a lovely and happy spring day 

Tanya xo