Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Baby Boys!

Happy Thursday and a very happy day to you all!
So over the past week two of our lovely friends have welcomed into this world two beautiful new babies.
There is nothing like a fresh new baba and these two mamas have to very cute little boys. Now being a mommy to a little boy I can say that little boys are super special. They are wrapped in lots of cuddles and kisses and are real mommies boys.

So to give something to say welcome and congratulations I made up some gifts.

The first baby arrived to my husbands best friend and his lovely wife. We didn't know what they were having so the guessing was lots of fun. I couldn't wait to get out and buy lots of blue!!

I even managed to find organic clothes I was so happy.

So I got a little basket and I put it all together. It is so simple and easy and it does't take long either but I love the end result cause it looks  just lovely.

We cant forget a little bear for this little boy to cuddle and love.
And mama is all new to being a parent so I add a little gift for her too. A magazine I thought was perfect as it has so many great tips especially about feeding and things you might question.

A top view of the basket.

And here it is a simple but a pretty little gift made up full of love and happiness for this new little family.

And then another new little boy was born this week to a school friend of mine. She has two beautiful little girls and her little boy is just as gorgeous.
I bought her a footy jacket of her favorite team ( rival to our families but I made an exception this time! :) )

So this gift I was not taking to the hospital so had to make it easy for it to be transported. I used a wrap up cloth to put the gifts inside and I wrapped it up with ribbon.

Again I bought a little bear as they are such great comforters for new babies.

This is it from the side. I also add a little card for the little girls as I think it is nice to take something for siblings, I always have as they need to be made to feel just as special they have a big role ahead of them as older siblings!!

A big congratulations to both families we look forward to seeing your little boys grow up.

Hope that everyone is having a lovely day and enjoying this amazing weather we are having in Sydney.

Tanya xo