Friday, 30 August 2013

Gift wrapping for Fathers Day

Weekend is here! And there is no better feeling. What are you plans? Sure most of you will be celebrating with your special Dads and your kids with their Dads.

These special men in our lives do so much for us and they look after us in many ways. So this is their one special day it can be all about them and we are able to spoil them!!

I have loved wrapping for my hubby this year, he deserves to be given the whole world but he wouldn't like that as he does not like the fuss, so we have bought him a few things we knew you needed and would love.
I found a very nice neutral colored wrapping paper and gone from there.

So as you can see I have used blue ribbon and brown twine to add that extra touch.

Not every one has the same ribbon, I liked the idea of changing it all up.

And on this little gift I thought it was so hard to wrap and looking at it again I decided it just needed the ribbons on it. It looks perfect.

I love how it all came together and I cannot wait for hubby to unwrap it all.

What are you buying for your fathers this year? And what are you plans?
I plan to celebrate just us four today for a special day out and Sunday at my in-laws. My amazing special dad doesn't live here, I do miss him terribly tho and I think of him the whole day.

So happy wrapping my friends and lets spoil these wonderful men!

Tanya xo