Thursday, 15 August 2013

Friday Ladies!

YAY Happy Friday!!!!!!  What a lovely day it is.


Sorry we have had a slow week so today I am going to overdose you with some of our cupboards.
I thought I would throw in all of our breakfast cupboards in together.
And yes we have a breakfast cupboard as we LOVE our breakfasts!!!

We have our cereals, spreads, breads, eggs and yummy things like pancakes or our banana loafs in here.

I have all the cereals in my containers, less mess like this and it looks neater than all the boxes.

Our spreads are in this basket, that way if they leak especially the honey it doesn't go on the new cupboards.
A bread tin is a must I do believe.

This basket holds our breakfast pancakes and our wraps and rolls.

Our eggs are in this very cute little basket! It was actually an Easter decoration but I loved it for my eggs.

And there is our breakfast cupboard!

And now our hot beverage cupboard.

We have a tea level, I love my new tea holder the teas are nice and easy to see what we want and when we have visitors we can take it out with a hot pot of water and they can choose what they want to drink.
The little tea jar holds our regular tea, the jar I bought in the UK on my last visit.

Our coffees, sugar, milo and hot chocolates.
No one drinks the equal sugar but I had it when my mom used to visit and I cant bring myself to get rid of it, hubby and I love having it in here it reminds us of her.

And all the glasses. We don't have a lot of glasses cause we don't entertain often with huge numbers so these cups are what works for us.

They are in order of how we use them, bottom drinking cups.

Tea and coffee cups.

And the wine and champagne are at the very top as hubby and I don't drink and we only bring these out when we have visitors.

I hope that these have been some inspiration to you all.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned my readers!

Tanya xo