Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How do you organise your napkins and tea towels?

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It has gotten a bit chilly here the last few days in Sydney! So more indoors and more time to organise!!

I have been asked what my hobby is and I have no doubt it is organising. I absolutely love the idea of going threw my cupboards and home and just organising it.

So today I did our napkins, place mats, table clothes, aprons and tea towels.

So here is our cupboard. We have our tables clothes folded up and our aprons rolled up on the top shelf.

I like to use baskets for our napkins and placemats so when we use them we can take the basket out and choose what we need and then put it back, and it looks neat and pretty.

And our tea towels. I read a very interesting fact about tea towels. They can get very dirty and can become very unhygienic and that we should use a new one everyday and separate ones for dishes and our hands. And they are all to be washed separately from your regular washing in hot water.
I have even seen some homes have the days embroidered on them, such a clever idea.

I have a few different ones in this IKEA basket, I even go as far as to buy new ones every month to make sure we keep the house extra clean!! They can also get a bit grotty and we are using them in our kitchen.

                    So here is where I keep our tea towel basket.

This took me a few minutes to tidy up organise and  I was so happy to do it cause I feel like my kitchen is really coming together and it makes me very happy inside!!!

Have a very wonderful and happy day my friends!

Tanya xo