Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Little Boys Room

Happy Monday My friends and a happy week to you all!

So today I wanted to share with you my little boys room.

This little boy has a heart of gold and is so kind and gentle and with his big blue eyes I adore him with my whole heart and more. He is a real mommies boy and I take him all in.
I feel so blessed to have him as mine and I know he will grow up to be such a wonderful man.

So with that here is his awesome room ( or cool room as he says! )

I chose the colors red and blue and touches of green. I know some may struggle with boys rooms and clothing but I have never found this, maybe I was always meant to have a boy.

This gorgeous little side table was from Ikea my favorite shop. It is actually metal and not wood.

This is a view from the foot of his bed. His name is my favorite as it has polka dots.

This is his reading corner, I often go and look for my already quiet little boy and he is here reading and looking at pictures in books.

I found the little ball reading chair for him and was so excited as he loves soccer.

His book case again is from Ikea. I have added all his little sentimental goodies on here, a Noahs Ark from the kindest family friend. An old England police officer to remind us of England one of our 3 homes.

These little colorful hooks I adore and he has his mini book collection in here.

And I love the bunting flags! The just add that extra great touch.

So here it is my gorgeous little boys room, I love it just as much as he does.

Have a wonderful and Happy Day!

Tanya xo