Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our Garden Deck Reveal

Happy Monday my friends and Happy Halloween week to you all too. What are you Halloween plans?
I have some great fun things planned that I can't wait to share you.

But today I am going to share our Deck Area. It has taken me so long to really get this area right but I feel so happy with it now and we used it on the weekend and it felt great!

Here is our happy area. I didn't need to buy a lot for it, it just needed some color and attention really.

 The table is our first ever dining table and the one thing I have kept (and if you anyone who knows me I don't keep much).
But this table was so special to me, it was our first and it has such happy memories and Miss M's little pen marks on it so I had to keep it and happy I did as we can now reuse it.

The flowers on the side planter are my favorite and they add such happy colors to the area.

Some Ikea flowers and vases.

The whole area is alive with sun shine and gorgeous light. We even built our roof in a light color for this reason to keep our gorgeous deck and to keep the natural light flowing into the house.

The whole area is just perfect for us and we have enjoyed our dinners on here, a tray with a pot of tea in the afternoons and our kidlets love to lie on the bench and chat.

And the added touches of trees, cushions and love make this one of my favorite areas in our little home.

So do you have any areas you have done outside getting ready for the summer, outdoor eating and evening BBQ?
Please share with us so we can share the inspiration around.

Have a wonderful and happy week my friends.

Tanya xo