Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lets get organised

Hello Ladies

So organisation! It comes naturally for some and others not so much. But I do believe it can be so easy to get started and once you maintain it your whole home will run so smoothly.

So I have a rule in our home and it works!
If we don't use it need it or want it it must be gone! This way we get rid of the junk and the house won't get disorganised.

So today I thought we should start small and then we can move to bigger things.
So pick the smallest draw of your home and empty it all out.
What do you need use or want? Throw keep or store the keep things in a tub for a keepsake box.

I picked our little red draw... I was a bit unsure what to fill it with but I then thought our little note books, memo pads, pens and our envelope opener.

So now I know where to go for our shopping list book and in a rush I have a pen and paper handy.
There is nothing in our draw that we don't use or need and its junk free!!!!!

It's the first thing we see and open when we walk into our little home and from this I feel happy cause I want this organisation to flow threw out our home.

I even found a very pretty apple to pop on top of my books and I must say it adds something to that table.

I hope that you are all able to get one draw organised today!

Tanya xo