Sunday, 24 November 2013

2014 Family Planner

Hello and Happy Monday to you all.
I can not believe just how fast time is going. This whole year seems to have flown by faster than ever before.
I have already had to head out and get our 2014 family planner has I have things like school dates and preschool days for Mr N to start writing down!

What planners do you use?

I love this one. I got the same style years ago from my mom and she had gotten it for me each year and now I hunt for them each year cause I love how easy it is and it really fits well for our family.

Here is one I found from a local shop. The happy flowers are so pretty and I love the butterflies and birds.

As you can see it has 4 columns so each of us have a column.

It has this little pen and note pad. I also write all the family and friends birthday on my calender and that way I remember birthdays. The note pad I write down each birthday for that month and the note them tels me how many cards to make and buy for that month.

As for our activities as a family we all have a color and I write down what each of us does in that color so it makes it easier to read and also more organised.

I hand my calender in my little office with my color pens on hand to quick jot things down.

Have a happy and wonderful day my readers.

Tanya xo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cabinet Decorating

Happy Friday my friends and wow YIPPPEEE for the weekend! We have a busy one with some very special parties, Christening and Miss M has her ballet and singing concert so I am so excited!!

So this week we have seen a bit of rain here in Sydney and when it rains my little boy and I love to come home light some candles, paint , play and potter.

This week I wanted to tackle my cabinet. My tastes change from week to week and I wanted to try and put 'bigger things' in the cabinet and steer away from the 'small things'.
I wanted to make the space more friendly for dinnerware, napkins and serving dishes so that when we set the table it is right there and also it would clear space in the kitchen.

So here it is all decorated and I am so happy it.

My big bowls and plates as well as the side plates.

My tea pot tray, I love to pour a big pot of tea, relax and enjoy my home and have a chit chat to my hubby.

I love the pop of color the place mats give and the napkins and I love to have them here cause it means we use them.
I use to have this silly way of thinking that we would use it for special occasions and people and one day it dawned on me we are the most special people to each other and ever day is an occasion so now we use it every weekend and I LOVE it.

As you can see lots of color and polka dots!!!

And so thank you again to my friends and readers who stop by my blog every week. It means so much to me.

Have a happy and wonderful Friday and weekend! See you all on Monday.

Tanya xo

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Some fun kids Ideas

Happy Wednesday! So I know as a mommy to two beautiful children nothing makes me happier than to do some really fun and exciting things for them, it takes nothing to make children happy and to see their faces light up and those HUGE smiles on their faces makes me realise that we are all so blessed to have been given these beautiful little human beings to take care of love and grow with.

So I love to look at different website to get different ideas for craft and food ideas. I love to take lots of time out of my day to enjoy my kids, they are not small forever so to take each second I can to absorb them in I will.

So I have found some of my favorite ideas that can really make my children happy and I have them on my to do list for them and I wanted to share them with you.

This gorgeous little cupcake work, how simple and easy and how a little child would adore this!

This pretty little lady bug sandwich is great and what a great idea for picky eating children.

With Christmas around the corner how cute are these cupcake snowmen!!!

And these are such lovely ideas for children's teachers?

I love them all and I am now inspired to try them for and with my children.

Have a very happy and wonderful day.

Tanya xo

A huge big thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment I appreciate it so much and we hope to see you here again.

Monday, 18 November 2013

New Side table

Hello and a happy Tuesday to you all today! So today I wanted to share my new pieces that  have recently got for my housey. I love to get some new things and change my stuff around, it makes me feel extra happy and I always say change is good.

So I always knew that our lounge area needed more and I have had my mind set on a side table. We needed one to add some warmth.

So I dropped by my favorite shop Ikea and picked up this pretty simple white table.

I have added my favorite books a flower ( thinking the vase needs a gorgeous gold spray paint ) and a candle holder.

I am in love with this space now and so happy and do believe I have made the right choice.

Welcome pretty table and thank you for making me so happy.

And while I was leaving I saw this extra pretty lamp and I could not walk out without it. The clear base was gorgeous and I fell in love.
I also bought the frames and have started my Christmas decor by adding paper and double layering the frames.

The whole room is my very happy and cosy space now.

Have a wonderful day.
Tanya xo

A huge big thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment I appreciate it so much and we hope to see you here again.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pretty Paper lining

Happy Monday my lovely friends and readers and I hope you all had a wonderful and happy weekend.
So this weekend I got into my side drawer and Miss M's desk draw and organised. But before I put the things back I wanted to make it look extra pretty so I got out some of my wrapping paper.

So this is the before picture, stuff all over the place.

My pretty paper this one if from Ikea and is actually Christmas paper but I loved the gold and I thought it would never out date.

And here it is looking so pretty with all the magazines organised and looking extra tidy.
I also put my body butter and lip balm in the drawer as this is the last thing I do when I go to sleep.

And next I tackled Miss M's drawer in her desk. This needed a lot of love and organizing.

I put the things she needed in the drawer and the rest in her craft bookshelf in the playroom. 

It looks so much prettier and she can actually find things in here now.

One happy and pretty desk.

Thank you so much for dropping by! Have a lovely day.

Tanya xo

A huge big thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment I appreciate it so much and we hope to see you here again.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello! How are you all today?
So last week I turned 28! I had a wonderful day spoilt by so many with beautiful gifts, cards and messages.
But my favorite gift was from my beautiful children and amazing husband. These 3 know me so well and they know that they are my world so the gift they got me this year was one that sits so close to my heart.

MISUZI is handmade jewellery that is absolutely gorgeous!!! It is custom made to what your needs and the pictures don't do it any justice.

The Chloe - Initial Collar Necklace                     The Stella - Mini Star Necklace - Gold or Silver

So I was spoilt with one of these and I was super excited to have gotten the The Farrah mixed charm.

And my hubby got their 3 names I call them custom printed on it, so babi for my hubby , fairy for Miss M and bear for Mr N.

Again the photos don't do any justice to these beautiful necklaces!

Thank you to MISUZI for my amazing gift I will treasure it forever and to my hubby I adore you more and more every day! 

Drop by and have a look at the beautiful work and maybe you may find one your heart falls in love with.

Tanya xo

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Handbag Organisation

Hello and Happy Wednesday! What a lovely day we are having here and I hope you are too.

So I wanted to share my handbag organisation with with and why I feel it is so important to keep a tidy, clean and neat handbag.

So have you ever got to the check out to pay and you are trying to find your cards? Money? Coins? And rummaging threw toys , old tissues, slips and the kids old food? I am sure we have all been threw this at one stage in our lives. But now my kidlets are older I have things in a better manner and my life is a lot more organised.

I wanted to share how easy it is to keep your handbag a lot more organized and pretty.

So I made sure I have a purse that has many card holders and two sections for money and vouchers.

Try and make sure all your vouchers, coupons and flybys are in order of the dates that they can be used so that you are not trying to find the right one at the check out and the other customers are giving you the evil eye.

I like to have a loose coin purse for my smaller coins as well as my main big purse.

My little vanity bag is a MUST in your handbag and it all being in a bag makes it a lot easier to keep your handbag tidy and a lot hander for you to have all your goodies in one stop.

I like to keep tissues, lip gloss, lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitiser and a spare hair elastic.

And here is the inside of my bag, purse, coin purse, vanity bag, my material shopping bag ( save the enviroment!) and I carry something to read.

I love my handbag and it makes me so happy that it looks like this!!

Hope you all having a very happy and wonderful day!

Tanya xo

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Necklace Organisation

Hello my lovely friends and readers! It is so lovely to be back and I am so sorry for my absence last week, my kidlets really needed me and my heart was in another place so I had to take some time off and concentrate on other things but I am so happy to be back and writing again.

Hello to all new readers and followers too, I am so grateful to anyone who drops by Our Little Home I just wish I could have you all over for tea.

So today I wanted to share my necklace organisation. I have a beautiful hanger but I had my pretty things all over the place and they were all tangled so they were crying out for some love.

The first thing was I took everything down and out and organised it in groups of broken, small, big, going out and everyday.

Hung my hook up in the right spot.

And here it was, all organised neat and tidy and all under 15 minutes!!! Yes 15 minutes.

I love how I can now get things with it not being all tangled.

I have even tried to go that one step further and try and match the colors.

I am one happy wifey now with my necklaces all organised.

I not only love that but I also love that it took such a quick time to get it done, not every organising job take that long and the after effect is so rewarding. I love that I can now maintain it looking like this and it will stay like this now.

I hope that has brought some inspiration to you if your necklaces are in a need of some love.

Have a lovely and wonderful day my friends.

Tanya xo

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Nail Polish Organisation

Hello and happy Monday my friends, I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
So us ladies know that keeping ourselves looking pretty takes hours of grooming and doing our toes and finger nails is a must! I often look at my hands when I am doing something and think they are always on display, when we talk ( I am a hand talking kind of person ), when we hand things to people well just about every time our hands are being looked at.

So I try to make a bit of time each week to do nails but my nail organisation was a mess so I needed to get it organised.

So this is what I started with, all my polishes, nail files well everything really was in a bag, CHAOS! I struggled to find everything and I needed something that was much more practical.

So here it is, in my big box I made sections for each of the different products.

A nail file and clippers box, I love how easy I can get all the different kind of files now.

The clippers and toe dividers are again also very easy to get now.

Polishes!!! AAhhhhh so much better.

Nail polish remover, cotton buds and wool.

And something so easy it took me a couple of minutes to do and it will make this job a lot easier and my nails and toes will be looking nice and pretty.

So have a happy and wonderful day my friends.

Tanya xo