Sunday, 3 November 2013

Nail Polish Organisation

Hello and happy Monday my friends, I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
So us ladies know that keeping ourselves looking pretty takes hours of grooming and doing our toes and finger nails is a must! I often look at my hands when I am doing something and think they are always on display, when we talk ( I am a hand talking kind of person ), when we hand things to people well just about every time our hands are being looked at.

So I try to make a bit of time each week to do nails but my nail organisation was a mess so I needed to get it organised.

So this is what I started with, all my polishes, nail files well everything really was in a bag, CHAOS! I struggled to find everything and I needed something that was much more practical.

So here it is, in my big box I made sections for each of the different products.

A nail file and clippers box, I love how easy I can get all the different kind of files now.

The clippers and toe dividers are again also very easy to get now.

Polishes!!! AAhhhhh so much better.

Nail polish remover, cotton buds and wool.

And something so easy it took me a couple of minutes to do and it will make this job a lot easier and my nails and toes will be looking nice and pretty.

So have a happy and wonderful day my friends.

Tanya xo