Monday, 9 September 2013

Snack cupboard

Happy Tuesday all my lovely friends. How are you all today?
So I love to read many blogs but my all time favorite has to be
This lovely lady is just the best organised blogger ever. Jen has a beautiful home and her organising skills are out of this world, you must drop by her blog you will be so inspired with her work, bright colors and well just a lovely lady all together.

So with me saying this I got so inspired by her one post. In America they are heading back to school and her school oragnising post really made me want to start getting things all neat and tidy around Our Little Home.
So the snack cupboard I thought would be the first project I would tackle.

So here it is, I couldn't be happier with the end result. To start I emptied out the whole cupboard and started fresh. I chose the color scheme blue and pink as I have a pigeon pair. Check all the expiry dates and throw out old foods that you found lying at the back or have forgotten in there for a while.

So the snacks I divided into biscuits in a packet ( easy to put in the lunch boxes), muesli bars, chocolates and the biscuits in a tin.

If you see these baskets are perfect, they are also soft and so flexible.

The bottom shelf holds all the lunch boxes, utensils and the napkins.
And the why the pens you may ask? I write a message on Miss M napkin, she loves it and I love doing it as I really do miss her so much during the day.

I keep her little purses in here too as that way I remember to add her money in it and in her lunch.

The pens in these very cute baskets.

So I now find this cupboard so easy and simple and I love doing the lunches even more now with it looking so colorful, bright and happy :) and child friendly., the kids can get in and grab a snack without struggling to open lids.

And so the 
next thing you may remember to make sure that lunch packing goes nice and smooth is my fruit basket in the fridge with washed fruit.

And then the snack basket in the fridge which holds the yogurts, cheese sticks and custards.

So my lovely readers I hope that you have found some great ideas from Our Little Home and that of Jen @ iheartorganizing.

Thanks again for the inspiration Jen from for allowing me to link her up to my blog, it is a huge privilege. 

Have a lovely day my friends and enjoy this gorgeous Tuesday.

Tanya xo