Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It is all about red today!

Happy Wednesday! and I hope that you are all having a lovely hump day.
So this Monday just gone my Little Miss M turned 7. I am not sure how or where that happened.
I remember the day she arrived into this world like it was yesterday. She bounced in with a two hour labor and she has been that way ever since, energetic,kind, loving, she does everything with her full heart and our little girl is our heart and soul. She changed me a young 20 year old mommy, I always call her my angel child as I believe she came to me at the right time in my life.
Her heart is as big as any I know, her kindness is never ending, she is the best little friend and adores each of her friends with all her heart and well I love her to the moon and back times infinity as I tell her.
If I could be more like anyone else it would be my little girl.
I sat chatting to my husband and I realised she is the only girl in my life, I have my little boy, husband, dad and brother and it made my heart fill up and I feel so grateful I will always have her, my best little friend.

So to celebrate her birthday on Monday we had the family over, red is one of her favorite colors so I had to use it this year.

It was really easy and simple but my birthday girl loved it so it made me very happy.

Simple setting to hold the plates and cutlery.

A few pom poms here...

And again the table, I loved the red and white together.

Her birthday cake was so much fun to make and so easy, a friend of mine had it at her baby shower and I had to try it. The sponge inside is red and blue layers.

A few thank you bags for the guest, again simple and easy.

And balloons for the little kids.

Each year seems to be going by to fast for me, at the end of this Happy Birthday song the lump grew to big for me to finish singing cause I can't believe how fast time is going! But I am enjoying each day and soaking it all up cause as the years are going I am loving the beautiful child she is growing up to be and I am so so proud she is mine!

I love you so much my Little Miss M!

Love Mama xx