Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lets get this party started!

Happy Sunday! I hope that everyone is having a lovely day.
So this weekend we have been celebrating our little Miss M birthday. It is actually only tomorrow but we have had a weekend full of lovely things planned for her.

You see this little girl is so excited for everyone's birthday, friends, family just about anyone so when it comes around to her turn I really love to make it very special.

So tomorrow she will be at school and she will take some cup cakes and her lolly bags.
I kept it simple and easy this year but Miss M loves them so I am very happy :)

Can't do anything without a cup of nice warm tea.

And here they are... easy little clear bags and a lovely sticker.

The front.

And the carry bags, I ADORE these they are red my birthday girls favorite color and polka dots one of my loves!

So that is part 1 of her celebrations and I can't wait to show you the rest...

Have a lovely evening my friends.

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Tanya xo