Sunday, 29 September 2013

Blog giveaway!

Happy Monday my friends and what a glorious day we are having here in beautiful Sydney.
So we have a little giveaway on my Facebook page, Our Little Home. Please drop by and like the page!

I am so happy to have given a giveaway to a new liker on the page.
I was so excited when I started my blog. I wanted to share my everyday life, my organising, my home and make lovely friends along the way and I do believe that I have.
I have never met some of these ladies who follow me but feel they have been so lovely and kind by commenting or liking my photos and my page.
So this is why I like to have a little give away, nothing big but I want to say a huge big thank you to you all for reading my blog and following me on my journey, this really is great hobby to have!

This was the little give away this time.

These are a few of my favorite things since I made my frame tray. The pencils and mini note book are so lovely to keep notes together, shopping lists or well just anything that you need to write down. The little jar is a love too to hold your pencils and washi tape!! I love!!!

This was the gift all wrapped up for my blogger friend.

Now to get to 150 likes for another give away!

Don't forget to like us on Facebook at Our Little Home or on Instagram at ourlittlehome16

Thank you my lovely friends and enjoy this beautiful afternoon and last few days of September!

Tanya xo

Saturday, 28 September 2013

What is new around here....

Yay happy Sunday my friends! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!
We are having a lovely day, we headed to the beach for a while had some lunch a play in the park and headed home oh and had a look around a few little shops with Miss M while my boys scooted outside.

I love to change things up in my home, nothing will stay the same for a long time, even a short time to be honest! I find change refreshing and I love to think of new things to add to this little home.
It can be from moving furniture to painting something to just a simple moving it around.

With the school holidays here we have been doing a lot of pottering around here... I have been in heaven!
We are keeping busy being out but the nice afternoons home means I can really get into the house, organise and just move things around - one of my loves.

So here are a few new thing around our home, enjoy!!!

I love this new jar I got, I actually have a little one from my brother and sister in law so this
 bigger one looks great here too.

Welcome to our house, I love this sign!

My prep area for dinner tonight, we are making corn frittas.

My Ikea flowers and a bright flower pot.

And we are sooooo excited that our peach tree is blossoming, we don't really have green fingers so when the first little flower popped out we couldn't believe it.

LOVE everything about my life at the moment.

New red clean linen in Miss M's room.

Some new display for my pillows, I love this way.

And I have put my frame tray on the pouf in our room, this is where I will sit and write my blog things, ideas and notes.

I love the change of lamps in the house.

And my flowers blooming also have made me so happy this Sunday.

All these lovely things in this little home have made me so happy today and everyday really.
I am so grateful for the little things in our life.

How is your Sunday?

We will be back tomorrow till then enjoy your afternoon my friends.

Tanya xo

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Happy Friday! and yay for weekend. We are having a lovely spring break! The holidays are the best time to really rest up and just take in the busy term we just had, and believe me we are so busy I am enjoying the no rushing in the mornings, no lunches and no activities till late in the evenings.

I had a little list of things I wanted to enjoy with my little kiddies these holidays!

  1. Spend as much time together.
  2. Do a park day
  3. Do a beach day
  4. A day at home, all day ( even if in our pj's all day that would be perfect! )
  5. A cousins day catch up
  6. A friends catch up
  7. Movie day!
  8. Bake and cook something together
  9. Do lots of reading
  10. Some quality time with my little Miss M 
  11. Do a nice morning at a cafe, hot chocolates and banana bread
  12. Some shopping
  13. Loads of craft, painting, play dough, writing and just lots of fun things!
  14. And just pray these holidays go extra slow as this is the last term, my big girl will be in term 2 and my little boy will be heading off to preschool, I am heart broken.
So today was our Stay at home day!!! this was one of my favorite on my list.

We did our craft and painting, we made lasagna for dinner and we made smoothies!! 
With the glorious day it has been we couldn't wait to make them and sit on our deck and enjoy it together.

We used the same jars we used for the party table, I love them and will keep recycling them.

We nibbles on some extra fruit! yummy....

We had a berry smoothie and a crunchie chocolate smoothie, both delicious!

The crunchie was for my Mr N, he is not a fan of the fruit one so I made him this delicious one instead.

The berry smoothie is a simple recipe, just throw in your favorite berries our choice was strawberries and blueberries add some ice-cream then a of touch of milk blend and enjoy!!!

We had a lovely afternoon enjoying our drinks and just soaking up this gorgeous September Friday!

What are your weekend plans?

Happy Day to you all my friends and I will be back on weekend!

Tanya xo

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A little girls get together

Happy Wednesday to you all my lovely friends! And what a glorious day we are having here in Sydney.
The kids and I visited a mini market today, went on rides, ate delicious food, found some lovely South African biltong and just had a lovely morning out.

So on Sunday Miss M had a little get together with her three besties. She is the luckiest girl cause these three little girls are the best of the best and the four of them together are so close and are amazing friends.

So it was a mini birthday party slash play date.
I did a mini table and they had some craft and karaoke to enjoy for the few hours.

Here are a few photos of what the day we had planned for these four friends.

So we started out with some craft, some flower pot decorating and then some bracelets and necklaces. It was simple and easy things for the girls to enjoy and then also something they could enjoy at home.

We had the balloons full of prizes and the girls popped them and were suprised with a little present, another thing to add in the lolly bags.

I made a little lolly table for the girls to enjoy.

These were the thank you bags, I like to fill them up with things that I think the guests will enjoy.
This year inside we had lip gloss, hand cream, a one D bracelet and they can fill the lollies in the bag and the balloon prizes.

This was the little table, nothing fancy at all but Miss M enjoyed it and I love setting it all up.

A lovely drink dispenser and drink bottles. 

Some mini cup cakes.

And jelly in the mini jars! I love this idea and I will definitely do it again.

The lolly jars.

Inside was simple and easy, just the plates and cups and napkins for lunch. And again I used the pink hanging jars.

I had Martha Stewart pom poms in the garden.

And a little view from the top.

My Miss M had the best day and we are so blessed to have such lovely friends around us to celebrate these important days in our lives!

Thanks again to her three besties and we can't wait to do it again next year :)

Tanya xo