Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gift Card organisation

Hello bloggers,

So today I wanted to share with you how I organise my cards.
I love to send my family and friends birthday, Easter and Christmas cards. I believe it is special and lets them know we are thinking of them, especially for me who lives away from all of my family.

So I make my cards for the birthdays for that month, put the stamps on and then pop in them in the post.

I enjoy making the cards when I can or I do at times may buy them too.
So here is a photo of how I organize my goodies.

For now I don't have a desk so I have organised it all in a way that it can be easily accessible.

So let me break it down for you.

So this is my folder, this carries all the cards and paper that I use to make my cards.

I have dividers boys, girls, paper and extra.

I buy a lot of different papers and ready made card packs and I add them to my folder.

And this is my ribbon basket!

If it is not on a reel I add it to my little jar.

My mini basket ( bought from Freedom ) carries all my glues, tapes and stationary.

You will see I LABEL everything... I love my label maker and I use it religiously to label anything I can.
My Dymo was a gift from my amazing hubby!! He know exactly what makes me happy!!!

And my favorite little mini drawers.
I have all my little card making goodies in here, again I have labeled the drawers.
I first taped washi tape then added my label to add a bit of prettiness to it.

This is washi tape! My new LOVE! 

The little pieces to make cards.

And more.....

So this is my card organisation and for me it works really well.

I hope that some of my ideas will you inspire you.

Have a lovely and happy day my blogger friends.

Tanya xo