Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Hello Ladies

The kids and I have had a wonderful day out shopping!!!
We needed clothes and shoes but we also happened to find some pretty things for our little house! I was so excited and couldn`t wait to get home and put them all out.

Like I have mentioned before we have only been in this home for 2 months so it is all still so new to us and we are still trying to get the feel for each room so I am always on the search for lots of things :)

Today we found some lovely stuff for a few different rooms, the lounge, Miss Ms room and something new for our hall way!

Here is a photo of what we got

Now the fun part to start decorating!!

Tomorrow I will be back with what we have done with all of our new pretty stuff!!

Is there any new projects you are doing currently in your homes? I would love to hear.

Till tomorrow happy Wednesday to you all 

Tanya xo