Friday, 12 July 2013

Little Miss Ms room

Happy Friday!! Yay for the weekend!!

For our Friday post I am going to show you little Miss Ms room!
Its one of my favorite rooms in our house! She picked the prettiest colours and her room just has an amazing feel to it just like my sweet little girl.

The pretty aqua goodies we bought were for her room and she was just as excited as me to put them in.

The two colours she wanted when we moved were aqua and red :)
A great combo!!

Here is a full picture of her room

She has beautiful big windows and so much natural light flowing in.

This is her reading bench and I LOVE the red! It is from Ikea ( you will hear me mention Ikea many times as it is a shop I LOVE!!!).

Her birdy print is an online shopping store! It has lots of different beautiful shades of blues aquas and reds.

And her little desk. So the desk was given to us and the chair I bought years ago for $5.00 when we first moved to Australia. It has always been her chair! I thought painting it Britian Aqua would be a lovely touch and it has!

She spends many hours drawing and reading here and I am so happy I have made it into a space that she loves.

Another topic I will chat about is the organisation of her room.
Organisation I believe is the key to a smooth running home. It just makes everything less stressful.

So our cupboards are all in order. We have winter piles and hanging spaces and our summer clothes. I find this is much easier to pick out the clothes 
and when the season comes to an end I know what is to small and what needs to be donated to charity. I also like to colour coordinate our clothes.
Here is some photos of her clothes 

She even has a section for her girly things as she is a big girly girl my Miss M.
We have the nail polish in one box and her play make up and her lip gloss in a tin.

I find this system works so well for us!

I hope you have enjoyed having a look into one of our rooms! Each week we will have a look into a different room and see how our Little Home runs.

Tanya xo