Thursday, 11 July 2013

Room Reveals

Hello Ladies and I hope this Thursday is being as lovely to you as it is being to us.

After a busy day yesterday we have had a lovely home day today and enjoying every second.
We have baked done a good house clean painted and of course pottered around our home. The kids and I are soaking up this warm sun this aftermoon chatting giggling and loving our last few days of holidays.

So yesterday I was able to find some really lovely things while out shopping and today I will share where I put them!!

The little owl I put on our entrance table. I love this owl as it reminds me of my grandmother in Zimbabwe and took me back to her love of them.

The little blue vase I put with the other bottles I have on our tv cabinet.
I filled it with little shrubs from our garden to add a soft touch and moved the little bird next to it. I love what this brings to the cabinet and I am so happy with the change it brings.

And then there is my pouf! I had my eye on it for a while so I was so excited to bring it home with us!
This is what I have done with it!

I was so happy with everything and so was hubby when he realised he could put his feet on the pouf and relax :) 

Tomorrow I will show you what we did with beautiful aqua goodies! But first we needed to paint to really make the room come together 

I love changing things up in our house, it just makes me so happy! 

Happy Thursday ladies and chat tomorrow where we will be talking aqua!!! 

Tanya xo