Monday, 29 July 2013

Blue Mountains

Hello and a happy Tuesday to you all!!

We were blessed to have won a night away in the Blue Mountains this past weekend and we were sooo excited to head out of town for a bit.

Our little family LOVE the little country towns and I love the whole feeling you get when you visit them.
The people seem so much friendlier, no one is in a huge hurry and all the little shops just seem so much nicer than here( even tho they are the same!).
I have often said and thought how I would love to live here...

So this little trip was even more special as we got to stay in a nice little hotel and actually experience a Christmas in July!
It all started because it is so cold up in these mountains and snows and people wanted to have a cold Christmas.

The whole evening was wonderful, Christmas trees, food, decorations!! ( Hurry up December I want to put my tree up! ) Santa even came and handed out presents to all the children.
A big highlight too is we got to watch our Voice winner sing and grab a photo with him too! Very lucky!!

We went and visited the view of the Blue Mountains and the three sisters!
It is just breathtaking! And it makes us just realise what a beautiful world we live in!

Overall this trip was just the best weekend away for us!!!

Tanya xo