Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Dinners

Hello Ladies

What are Sunday dinners to you? To our little family it means a lovely dinner, a gorgeous table setting and lots of family time.

So this Sunday I took photos to show you what our table looked like, this is Miss M's job and she is very good at doing it.
She is very creative and puts her full heart into doing it and I love that she enjoys doing it so much.

I loved the napkins this week and how the amazing colors all look great together on the table.

In the centre of the table we had the flowers, cups, bread and a tin for our cutlery.

I love Sunday nights as they are very special to our family and I think it is very important as hubby is home and we really talk and enjoy a meal together.

Happy Sunday Ladies and I hope to share some table ideas with you on Sundays.

Tanya xo