Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sunday Table Inspirations!!

Happy Sunday!!!
I really hope that you are all having very happy weekends. So we had some very special guests today and did a simple antipasto table. It was simple and easy today and I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.

I started out with my basics and I just play around with them. I really don't believe we have to have a lot of different things we can change it all up with what we have that we get the best use out of our beautiful things.

So this table today I use my dotty plates and tins ( my favorite dotty things!! ahhhh I love ) and my new little jars which was simple and easy to hang up!
Ladies sometimes we just have to think out of the box :)

So just side plates today as it was just nibbles. The little glass jar with a candle is lovely, it adds a soft touch to the whole table.
We used the dotty tin for the napkins today.

I put the bread sticks in a jar with ribbon, something different and it adds height to the different boards.

Bread on a board, there is nothing more pretty and yummy - bread and butter.

The delicious foods. I use wax paper at the bottom so no one cut into my board.

  Table from the one direction

And from the other, here you can see the little jars hanging. I love them hanging down as it is different. 
My next idea was to add flowers in them!! We will have to wait for next week to do that one!

We had a quiche and to make it even prettier I cut pretty paper underneath and then my wax paper.

A top view......

And now time to relax and enjoy our company!!!

Happy Sunday afternoon my friends!!

Tanya xo