Monday, 12 August 2013

More pantry tiding

Hello and a happy Tuesday!!

A very happy week to you all! So lets get this week started...

Pantry! We have different sections for each of our foods in our pantry.
This shelf has our pastas, tomato tins, rice, gravies and sauces.

Our jars are a life saver in this shelf as it keeps all the goodies neat and tidy and it is not falling out of the packets!
And label label labels.

I have a little basket for all the gravies ( in the front ) and sauces ( in the back). And another tip make sure you put the newer ones at the back so you don't find some very old out of date ones!

My oil and spray and tins are in a basket at the back.
I love baskets so when you are doing cupboard cleans you just pick it and wipe! EASY!

I love how this works for our family and I hope that you can find what works for you families.

Thank you again my readers for dropping by my blog reading and well for all the wonderful feed back that I get. It means so much to me.

Have a very HAPPY day!

Tanya xo