Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Happy Wednesday! And I hope that everyone is having a lovely and happy day!

So today I thought I would share with you the photos that I have been sent by some lovely ladies.
They are in the process of redoing their kitchens and I wanted to show you their work as
it can be such an inspiration to see what work others do! And these ladies have some beautiful homes that I will share you in later posts!

The first home I will show you is my lovely cousins house! Her beautiful brand new home is just amazing!
She has two little children but it is spotless all the time.

Here is a peek into her cupboards! They are all in order and all her goodies have a place.

I love this utensils draw and the little pops of color!!! To pretty :)

I love how she has napkins and placemats so neatly in a draw and so easy to get them in and out.

I ADORE this kitchen trolley. I love you can display all your lovely plates and bowls and you can show off all your beautiful things.
It looks so lovely and again so neat.

A huge big thank you to Ivana for the your photos and all your support with my blog! I do love you so much!

The second kitchen is my mother in law. She has a lovely home and she loves redoing things all the time so we have a lot to talk about as that is what I love!

This is inside the cupboards, she has has beautiful wooden boxes that she keeps things together and that way it keeps it all neat and tidy!!!

I love the idea of the oil in a box as oil can leave a ring and ruin your cupboards.
I have tons of beautiful photos of her home that I share in later posts so keep an eye out for them as they are jaw dropping!

My sister in law is very busy with two little kiddies but she said she found the time to clean out her fridge.
She said she threw our old stuff and now has made room for another good big shop with fresh foods!

I love how clean it all looks and organised!!!

A huge big thank you to the three lovely ladies for all of the photos!! I know they have inspired me in my home!!

I hope that your cupboards are coming along nicely and you are enjoying organising and cleaning them out!
Please continue to send threw photos I would love to post all of your beautiful homes and hard work for all of us ladies to see!!

I LOVED this little saying and I did think we should remember this everyday!!

Have a wonderful day my blogger friends!

Tanya xo