Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Some eye candy!

Happy Thursday our lovely readers!!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day! We are having the most wonderful weather here in Sydney! What more could we ask for in winter really?!?

In our little home we have two very sick little kidlets so things are a tiny bit slow around here but what I do have is some lovely eye candy of a beautiful home!
This is my mother in laws home! It is lovely from the entrance to the back and she takes a lot of pride in keeping in tidy, neat, organised and well just all around stunning!!

This is her lovely lounge area, she has pinks and dark greys in here and it works so nice together, the pink really pops out against the darker shades.

She has lots of new and old pieces in here and the cushions are bought from all over.
She painted that buffet cabinet, it looks brand new!!!

This is her newest redo room. This had a couch and a desk in here long story short it has now turned into
a beautiful eating area. the colorful chairs are my favorite.

One one side the art work is a new one and on the other she has had this art work for years and it just fits perfectly in this area!

And the little sitting area is perfect it is just off the kitchen so it is perfect for when we all visit and sit around the heart of the home.
The little stool she painted herself and it looks amazing!!

This downstairs area is my favorite!!! It has lots of space for her big family, family dinners, Easters and Christmas we can all sit, fit and relax here!
Especially cause we have a few kiddies running around this space works so well for us all.

And my absolute favorite piece of furniture!! I need to let her know if she doesn't love this anymore I will give it a loving home!!! ;)
This gorgeous piece just finishes off this whole room and house.
It is filled with very special things, photos and cook books ( as my mother in law loves to cook!)
The letters are initials and the big B is what her grandbabies call her it is unique and well special.

Thank you so much to my mother in law for letting me feature her beautiful home!! 
I know this home will inspire you all as it does me and my sister in laws!

Have a very happy and wonderful day my friends!!

Tanya xo

If any of you have a room or any organising photos you would love to share to inspire all of us please send them threw to me at