Thursday, 22 August 2013


Happy Friday hope you all having a lovely day! Any weekend plans?

So today I wanted to show you how we keep our fridge organised and clean.
Fridays in Our Little Home are very busy days. I like to give the whole house a good clean, change the bed sheets and do my groceries so the weekends I can spend all my time with my family.

I do believe that fridges should be cleaned every week, wiped down and organised and trust me if you do it every week it doesn't take long at all. The most important thing too is that you get rid of old food and you can replace it all with fresh yummy things!

We have a tiny fridge( that is what you get when you order things online from overseas!!) so we have to keep it very organised to fit all our foods inside.

I love our snack basket. It holds our yogurts and custards and any other snacks that we may eat. I love it in the basket so when I wipe it I can just take out the basket, EASY!

Some fresh washed fruit in this basket makes it nice and easy for the kids to grab a snack.

Our drinks on the middle level. And I do label our shelves, I suppose it is not necessary but I just love my label maker so much.

Fresh fruit and Vegetables. This is the most important basket to wash every week and throw out old foods.

All our cheeses.

Milks and Sauces along the fridge. I wipe them down too and the tops of the sauces after each use.

And there all done, I do LOVE Fridays, the whole house clean and knowing I have my family home my whole heart is very happy!!

And this Friday is extra special as it is Daffodil Day! 

The money we buy these beautiful flowers will go towards the research to find a cure for cancer.

I bought my daffodils for my lovely mom who I lost to cancer last year. My heart aches for her everyday ( it doesn't get easy people who say this to me didn't have the relationship like I did with my mom).

So go out and buy a bunch so we can fight this terrible disease!!

Tanya xo