Monday, 5 August 2013

Lets get these cupboards started!!

Happy Monday lovely readers! So we will continue with our cupboard clean out and I hope that everyone is enjoying throwing away all our old chipped or unused things.

So today I thought we could look into our plates, serving plates, bowls and all our glassware.
Now I love to look and see what we need and what works for our family so it is best you do the same.
For us these are the factors I worked with

  • We are a a family of 4 so we do not need a large range of plates etc.
  • We do not cater a lot for big functions so again we do not need a lot of big bowls, serving plates etc.
  • We do not have a HUGE kitchen so I need as much space as I can get
  • Make sure the cupboards you pick are easy to get to, for example put the plates etc where you would normally serve so you are not back and forth for plates also keep heavy bowls etc low as its so hard getting them high and they may fall and break or even hurt you!
  • Keep it simple and clean!!!
So here is a few photos of what our cupboards look like

So this is our big bowls and serving plates.

Simple and clean, not a lot of stuff!!!

And our plates and bowls here as well as our jugs and cake stands.

As I have mentioned we don't have a whole bunch of plates - because we are only 4 people.

All our different bowls in different shapes and colors. I don't use plastic in our house, I got a bit scared with all the BPA so I threw it all out and use these little bowls now for the kids snacks and fruit.

A range of jugs, many were beautiful gifts and they come in handy in summer.

Those little brown baskets are a life saver at times! We use them for sandwiches you just put a paper napkin on it and no washing!!! EASY!!!

It can feel very daunting to start this whole process but I can promise you the end result and feeling is amazing!!! I can open my cupboards and I don't have to move this and that to get something...

I love how good I feel about my cupboards and I know you will too!

Thanks again Ladies for reading my blog and for all support. I have spoken to so many of you and I feel that I am helping not just one of you but a few.

It is lovely and I feel that I am making such lovely friendships threw my blog.
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Tanya xo