Sunday, 4 August 2013

Little Boy Gift

Hello Ladies and sorry we are late with the crafty post, things got a bit busy here yesterday!
So today I will share with you the gift wrapping we did for Miss M's birthday party.

So it was for a little boy and even tho I struggle with what to buy I love to wrap for little boys.

The wrapping was easy and simple..... colorful and fun.
I chose this paper cause I thought it was great, what little boy doesn't love cars, trucks and lorries!

I loved the ribbon color and then I tied on a little car to match the paper!! 

The card again was simple but I thought it didn't need anymore as I thought the paper and little car was a lot so simple card looked lovely!

I do hope that this wrapping has given you all some ideas :)

Have a lovely and happy evening my friends!

Tanya xo