Thursday, 19 September 2013

Party Planning

Happy Thursday my friends and I hope that everyone is having a lovely day.

So today I wanted to chat about party planning! My loves are organising, pottering around my house, trying to cook and bake, cups of tea and well just being a mommy. I also love to organise my kids birthday parties and I love to attempt a lolly table. I have done one for the past year for each of my kids and I have enjoyed it so much.

So today I will show you what I have done for my little Miss M last year.
We decided to do a cup cake party! This little girl love to cook and bake so I knew this would be one of her best parties yet.

We had a lovely lady come in and she was amazing! She had it all set up, the cupcakes, decorations, the cutters, boxes and knowledge.
It was so much fun ( even the mommies got into it and enjoyed it).
The girls got 6 cupcakes to decorate and got to take them home afterwards.

So here are a few photos of the lolly table.

 We had an ice-cream dessert table this year as ice-cream is her favorite thing in the entire world!
I had the toppings in all the pretty jars and the girls had a choice of a cup or a cone.
 These GORGEOUS biscuits were made from a dear friend of mine. She is the most amazing baker you will ever come across and she has talent beyond words!
These little cookies were part of the thank you to the girls for coming.

These cookies are just as yummy as they look!

The cake had to be a giant cup cake of course.

And the Thank you bags. I wanted to stick to our theme and so I made these little bags full of cupcake goodies.
Each girl had the bag with her name and a baking utensil hanging from the handle.
Inside we had a box of cup cake mix and in pass the parcel we had cutters, sprinkles and all types of goodies that they could use to bake.

This is the dessert table! I enjoyed doing it and my birthday girl loved it all!

 The cupcake making was just as much fun and I am sure the girls loved it!

Here are some of the lovely yummy and beautiful work these sweet kind lovely girls did.

The whole party was so much fun and I enjoyed setting it up and most importantly I enjoyed seeing the fun these little girls had all together.

Have a lovely Thursday my friends!

Tanya xo