Thursday, 19 September 2013

A frame tray

Happy Friday my friends and a very happy day to you all! I cannot believe it is Friday already again, the weeks are just flying by.

So today I am going to link up with a new blog I have found and really enjoy. this lovely blogger Stephanie has a wonderful happy and bright colorful blog full of organsing and home ideas .

She has a pinterest challenge going and I thought I would jump on board!
I know I love to Pin so many different things for my home, cooking and organising my list goes on and on.

So this was my Pinterest inspiration I wanted to try and make for myself.

I was so excited to get started with this project!

So this is what I started with. A frame, material and my stationary.

I cut the material to size and placed it in the frame.

And here it is, my own frame tray. I am so happy with it, I can now carry my blogging materials all around the house with me, from upstairs to downstairs or even in the garden to enjoy this lovely spring weather.

I carry all my stationary with me and my little notebooks so I can write all my blogging stuff down.

This project was so simple and easy but I will use this tray all the time now!
I love the color, the usefulness and most importantly I have done it on my own so I will love it even more.

Thank you so much for the inspiration
Drop by this lovely blog ladies you will never want to leave.

Have a lovely day my friends.

Tanya xo