Saturday, 28 September 2013

What is new around here....

Yay happy Sunday my friends! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!
We are having a lovely day, we headed to the beach for a while had some lunch a play in the park and headed home oh and had a look around a few little shops with Miss M while my boys scooted outside.

I love to change things up in my home, nothing will stay the same for a long time, even a short time to be honest! I find change refreshing and I love to think of new things to add to this little home.
It can be from moving furniture to painting something to just a simple moving it around.

With the school holidays here we have been doing a lot of pottering around here... I have been in heaven!
We are keeping busy being out but the nice afternoons home means I can really get into the house, organise and just move things around - one of my loves.

So here are a few new thing around our home, enjoy!!!

I love this new jar I got, I actually have a little one from my brother and sister in law so this
 bigger one looks great here too.

Welcome to our house, I love this sign!

My prep area for dinner tonight, we are making corn frittas.

My Ikea flowers and a bright flower pot.

And we are sooooo excited that our peach tree is blossoming, we don't really have green fingers so when the first little flower popped out we couldn't believe it.

LOVE everything about my life at the moment.

New red clean linen in Miss M's room.

Some new display for my pillows, I love this way.

And I have put my frame tray on the pouf in our room, this is where I will sit and write my blog things, ideas and notes.

I love the change of lamps in the house.

And my flowers blooming also have made me so happy this Sunday.

All these lovely things in this little home have made me so happy today and everyday really.
I am so grateful for the little things in our life.

How is your Sunday?

We will be back tomorrow till then enjoy your afternoon my friends.

Tanya xo