Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Some fun kids Ideas

Happy Wednesday! So I know as a mommy to two beautiful children nothing makes me happier than to do some really fun and exciting things for them, it takes nothing to make children happy and to see their faces light up and those HUGE smiles on their faces makes me realise that we are all so blessed to have been given these beautiful little human beings to take care of love and grow with.

So I love to look at different website to get different ideas for craft and food ideas. I love to take lots of time out of my day to enjoy my kids, they are not small forever so to take each second I can to absorb them in I will.

So I have found some of my favorite ideas that can really make my children happy and I have them on my to do list for them and I wanted to share them with you.

This gorgeous little cupcake work, how simple and easy and how a little child would adore this!

This pretty little lady bug sandwich is great and what a great idea for picky eating children.

With Christmas around the corner how cute are these cupcake snowmen!!!

And these are such lovely ideas for children's teachers?

I love them all and I am now inspired to try them for and with my children.

Have a very happy and wonderful day.

Tanya xo

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