Monday, 7 October 2013

An old country tray

Happy Tuesday my lovely friends and readers. I hope that all your kiddies got off to school okay today. I miss my Miss M so much but I know she will have lots of fun at school and I can snuggle her so much when she gets home.

So if you read the post yesterday you would have read we visited the country on the long weekend.
The country is my favorite and my dream to live there one day......

I love to look threw the little shops and ohhhh and ahhhh at the beautiful things that they have and the gorgeous ways they display everything.

My eyes feel on an amazing wooden tray and I knew I had to go home with this pretty!
I fluttered my eyes to AMAZING husband and out we walked with this very heavy piece of wood.
The wood pieces are all recycled so it made it even more special.

I put these gorgeous flowers in a vase on the tray.

I also put a bottle on the tray on one of my favorite recipe books.

And a candle, I believe ever home should have a candle lit all the time it brings so much calmness.

I adore this tray and I am so excited I brought it home with us!

Have a wonderful and happy day my friends.

Tomorrow I am going to show you different ways to use bottles.

Till then my friends

Tanya xo