Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween gift ideas

Happy Wednesday my friends and I hope you are all having a fabulous day.
So tomorrow is Halloween and it seems to be growing here in Australia and I am really excited about it.
There are shops with loads of decorations and outfits, fun lollies and some streets are even having trick or treating!!! My kidlets have been invited by our lovely friends and they are so excited to be going.

So this year I wanted to share with you some treat bag ideas, they are simple and easy.

So I loved the mini plastic pumpkins and thought it would be great to use these and a few of the little Halloween goodies, rubbers, sweets and plastic eyes that stick to your face( I know who thinks of these crazy things??)

So just put them all in and add some orange twine and a perfect easy and simple little gift.

Another gift we are using this year is we baked some cupcakes and stuck in a Halloween pumpkin or bat,
we put in a glow in the dark creature, an eye or a rubber. I tight it all up in a mini plastic bag and I hope the kiddies will love them as much as I did make them.

Have a wonderful afternoon my friends either relaxing or getting ready for tomorrow.

Tanya xo